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อ.ดารณี แสงนิล



  • Bachelor of laws: major: law institution Chulalongkorn University year of completion: 1995
  • Master of laws: Major Law: criminal law and criminal justice institution Chulalongkorn University year of completion: 2005

Other education or training experience

  • Diploma barrister-at-law from Thai bar association in 2006
  • Certificat Elementaire d’etudes Francaises de Universite de Caen Basse-Normandie in 2005/2006 (B1)

Works experience

  • The local official government: at Local organization from 25/5/1995 to 1999 total 4 years    my duties: administration affair in organization
  • The official receiver: at Legal execution department from 1/8/2000-30/10/2004 total 3 years. My duties: (under the bankruptcy act) supervise and appropriate property of bankruptcy, to realized such property and apply the proceeds for the benefit of judgment creditors and creditors who are entitled by order of the court.
  • The lecturer and Acting for Deputy Dean Administration at Mahasalakram University
  • The lecturer at Mae Fah Luang University

Academic thesis

  • Master program’s thesis /topic: criminal liability in bankruptcy act B.E. 2483: a study on the plan administrator’s dishonest practice

Teaching experience

  • Criminal law ll in 3 semester, Criminology and Penology in 3 semester, Fundamentals of law and State in 2 semester, Bill of exchange in 2 semester, Taxation and business law in 1 semester, and Law of civil procedure 2

Teaching experience

  1. Bankruptcy Act B.E.2483 and Criminal Code : A Comparative Study on Criminal Sanction , the authorities of the investigator and official receiver. 2011 (supported by MFU)
  2. A Legal Approach to Develop a Mechanism Organization and Process in the Emergence of New Evidence according to the Criminal Retrial Act B.E. 2526. 2012. (supported by MFU)
  3. A Report on the Legal System of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic Centre for ASEAN Studies, Khon Kaen University, (supported by Office of the Council of State ,Thailand , 2018
  4. Joint Economic Development Zone: The Feasibility study of joint Establishment between Thailand and LaoPDR .On trade ,Economics and Legal Perspectives.(Joint research project between Khon khen university and National University of Laos) (supported by the office of the committee on higher education of Thailand 2017)